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All You Want to Know About Plasma TV Repair Information 

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Dear Electronic Repairer,

Do you know that it is now no more profitable in repairing CRT TV, Radio, DVD player and ........ ? If you charge a higher fees your customers most probably don't want to repair the equipment and choose to buy a new one and if you charge a lower or reasonable fees you will not make much from it and can't cover your daily operating cost too.

Worst if your customer ask you to keep the equipment and don't pay the bill after you have successfully repaired the equipment. You are wasting your precious time and time spent in repair is money! You are frustrated and losing hope in your repair business and trying to find a new way to get back a good income. Do not lose hope my friend as i have a good news for you. The good news is to diversify into repairing Plasma Television!

But why Plasma TV? According to sources there are over 1 billion Plasma Television sold worldwide since it were launched. By now there are many Plasma TV already over warranty and need to be repair. Grab this opportunity to learn Plasma TV repair from this website before your competitors does. Well, repairing Plasma TV is not that really difficult if you have the right information to assist you. The information that i'm talking about is Plasma TV training manuals, schematic diagrams, service manuals, understanding SMD components codes, MCU file and etc.

plasma tv repair tips





plasma tv repair


Your first package membership includes the following information:

Over 10 Different Brands Of Plasma TV Training Manuals. (valued at $150.00)


Over 60 Different Brands Of Plasma TV Service Manuals (more service manuals will be added if you join the membership). (valued at $126.00)


The Plasma TV Service Bulletin. (valued at $25.00)


A Plasma TV Visual Troubleshooting Guide Book. (valued at $47.00)


The SMD Code Book (Reference Guide). (valued at $37.00)


Plasma TV Upload Files And Comes With Instruction On How To Upload The Files. (valued at $25.00)


And Much Much More............

All these information worth AT LEAST $410.00 !!

You can save in your computer all the information above or print it out and bind it as a book for reference!



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how to repair plasma tv


Real Life Testimonials  

An Excellent Eye-Opener!!!

Hi Kent,

An Excellent Eye-Opener!!!" Congratulations on a good and informative document. “You’ve did a lot of work to put everything together! GREAT JOB KENT!! Every Plasma TV repair technicians and those who plan to repair Plasma TV should join as a member. There was much more details in the member site area, and I now know even more of the Plasma TV Repair secrets! Overall, a very excellent effort! I can fully recommend this member site to my website members who are interested in Plasma TV Repair. This should get technicians out there from trouble where no other information is available. “It’s worth every value!” Highly recommended!

Jestine Yong
Electronic Repair Specialist


So Many Information on Plasma Tv Repair

Hi Kent Liew,

The first time i went into the download link from this membership site, i just can't believed there are so many information on plasma tv repair. For a start, there are plasma training manuals and troubleshooting guides for Sony and LG's model 60PY2DR, 50PY2DR, 50PX4DR and more. 53 type of plasma tv service manuals, LG Service Bulletin and Other Related Repair Information and other bonuses.

If you are a plasma tv repair engineer or technician or you are looking for plasma tv repair information, look no more!!! It is crazy for you not to have it!!!!

William Hor
Printer Repair Specialist


Very Helpful

Hi Kent,

I am now a proud member of Plasma Television I have found the manuals and service notes very helpful!

Hugh Lewis


More Useful

Hej Kent,

Thank you , I am happy now because these are more useful for me.

Jamal Kayed


Very Good

Hi Kent,

The training manuel of Samsung and Pioneer are very good. Thank you!

Robby J. Acton
Electronic Repairer
from Netherlands


I Really Enjoy It

Hi Kent,

Well, just as a feedback, Panasonic had the most comprehensive circuit description among the Plasma manuals. I really enjoyed it.

Kevin Christmas


It has been Worth Every Penny of the Membership!

Hi Kent,

Hi Kent, Thank you for this site, I am finding it most helpful and you've added the guide and manual additions just as you said. So thank you! I am currently struggling to fix a Toshiba plasma TV and I would like to see more Toshiba training guides just like the new one you recently posted go up on the site.

Thanks again for the site, it has been worth every penny of the membership! 
---- Dick Watts, USA 

Thank you for this amazing site! 
Thank you for this amazing site!
I'm a member of your LCD and Plasma repair sites and I really enjoy it! :)

  It Was Worthwhile! 

I recieved your lcd repair membership and thought it was worthwhile just ordered your plasma membership and awaiting your email with password.
Thank You
United States 

You have exceeded my expectations 
Hello Kent,
I am pleased to meet you and also to do business with you. You have exceeded my expectations, I am pleased with your services. I will hope to return the favor and compliment.
I may need some advice on the best way to navigate on the web-site to find exactly what I need.. I am glad that you are available when I may need help.
R. Ed Huwa
San Angelo, TX


plasma tv repair manual

Sound too good to be true? Click here to read the sample preview training manual, one of the "LG Plasma Tv Training Manual". Most computers already have Adobe Reader installed in order to read the manual, but if you don't currently have it, a free download is available at:


Here are just some of the Plasma TV Problems, do you know which section or circuit is causing these problems?


plasma tv problem 1

plasma problem 2

screen reddish

and more!!

If not, then you need to join as a member and find out the answers! You will be glad you really did it!


Most of the service manual or training manuals for Plasma Tv are not included the Power Supply/PSU schematic or circuits diagram. So inside the members area, we had added more Plasma TV PSU schematic diagram as below model or part number:

plasma PSU  BEKO P7 Chassis Plasma TV PSU For Samsung V3 Panel Module

plasma PSU  BEKO P7 Chassis Plasma TV BW1.194R PSU For Panasonic Panel

plasma PSU  BL0654M01011 Plasma TV PSU Circuit For Sylvania 6842PE

plasma PSU  CCP-6400 Plasma Tv PSU For Toshiba 35WP26P

plasma PSU  FUJITSU FPF42C128128UB72 Plasma Module PSU Schematic

plasma PSU  LG Plasma Module PDP42V5 DGK420W PSU Schematic

plasma PSU  LG PDP42v5 PSU Power Schematics Diagram

plasma PSU  LG 32F1 Plasma Tv PSU Schematic For Hisense TPW3208

plasma PSU  Powerwel PW-1450 KONKA PDP4202 PSU Circuits

plasma PSU  PW-TCL 42U2 Plasma Tv Power Supply Schematic Diagram

plasma PSU  Samsung 43V2 PSU Circuit For SKYWORTH 43PAAHV Plasma Tv

plasma PSU  SKYWORTH 42PDAHX Plasma Tv PSU Circuits

plasma PSU  TNPA3570 Plasma Tv PSU For Panasonic MD-42M8 Series Module

plasma PSU  USP490M-42LP PDP42U3H Plasma Tv PSU Circuit

plasma PSU  USP490M-42LP PDP4226H Plasma Tv PSU Circuit

plasma PSU  And more will be upload to the members area!

This lists will continue to expand!


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plasma tv repair

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So how exactly are these two packages of high-quality Plasma TV Repair information made available to members?

The first package of Plasma TV repair information becomes available to members when you join the membership. That's mean you can download all the first package Plasma TV repair information the moment you join as a member. The second package which consist of 4 quality plasma TV repair information will be added to the membership area every first week of the month. With these fantastic information, i'm sure your Plasma TV repair knowledge will shoot to the roof!


What kind of “Plasma TV Repair” information can you expect to find here?

Only the best and the latest! - can help you “stand-out” from your competitors’ who are still using those old information in troubleshooting Plasma TV! Some special repair information as Plasma TV Module/Panel are included on the members area too. For example:


- LG PDP42V5

- LG PDP42V6

- LG PDP42V7

- LG PDP42X2

- LG PDP50X4

- NEC NP42H5MF01

- Panasonic 9th Generation Plasma Module

- Panasonic 10th Generation Plasma Module

- Samsung V3 PDP S42D-YD05 & other modules too!


Get the latest Plasma TV repair training manuals and related repair information right now!


Do i need to pay every month for the 4 Plasma TV repair information that i'm going to get every first week of the month?


No, you only pay once and enjoy the benefit as a member to download free the monthly 4 Plasma TV repair information that you are going to receive every first week of the month.




plasma tv repair tips

Here are just some Plasma Tv Repair membership area screen shot you can preview, please click here to view it.

Please click here for another sample preview of Plasma Tv Visual Troubleshooting Guide!


I will also reveal to you at which......


plasma PSU  Website you can order online to buy Plasma TV Power Supply or PSU.


plasma PSU  Website you can order online to buy Plasma TV Y-SUS (sustain) board, Z-SUS (sustain) board, X-SUS board, Y-Drive Top & Bottom board, CTRL (Control) board & other Buffer boards.


plasma PSU  Website you can oder online to buy Plasma TV Repair Kits.


plasma PSU  Website you can order online to buy electronic components like crystal, IC's, SMD components & etc.


plasma PSU  Website you can order online to buy Plasma TV cheap & useful spare parts!



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Hi Kent,

You asked in your Plasma information site if any body has had the PDP42V7 KIT from "(hidden the supplier name)" in the uk, I have had this kit twice from them the last time oct/08, it consist of 3 boards ZSUS/ Y SUS/ and CONTROL BOARD at back of signals/video board ,all new boards originals .fitted kit both times worked first time no problems, just check/ adjust setup volts as on label. The kit part No is 23005QG price £67.50 +£4.50 handling charge+vat total uk price £84.60. may I take this 0pportunity to thankyou for my membership to both your sites LCD and PLASMA it is the best site i have seen to get the service information I require to do my repair work as a uk engineer, I only came across your web page while searching for a schematic . once again many thanks peace and light.


UK Engineer



To Your Great Repair Success!!! 


kent liew



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Thanks for visiting us!


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